Student entry visas - Student entry visa for students will be given according to the Certificate from the Education institutions in Kuwait indicating that their acceptance as a student.

Patients Entry Visa - Patients entry visa will be issued on the basis of Kuwait Public Health Ministry indicating that the patient is accepted for treatment in Kuwait Hospitals.

Visit Visa -Entry visa for visiting purposes requested by a Kuwaiti national or foreigner living in Kuwait, or issued from Kuwaiti Consulates abroad. The visitor can stay for a month and then extend his visit into a temporary residence permit for two more months (Article 14). More >>>>>

Tourist Visa - This visa is solely for the purpose of leisure travel, including vacationing, sightseeing, cruising, and for other such recreational activities.
Transit Visas - Transit visas are issued by Kuwaiti consulates, or by Kuwaiti entry ports upon the request of persons concerned and are valid for one week. The applicant should also hold a valid onward visa for his next destination and a confirmed onward ticket

[Under Article 14  an expatriate may be granted temporary residence in special cases where he does not need or cannot get ordinary residence. This allows him to stay for up to one year. Though it is usually only given to visitors with personal emergencies such as illness. Temporary residence may also be given to expatriates who have resigned but who need to remain in Kuwait for some time in order to settle their financial affairs or a court case.]

Multiple Entry Visas
Multi Entry visas are normally allowed to Americans and Europeans, Multi Entry visits visas holders can visit the country “N” number of times within a year and  some times it will issue a validity of 10 years and allow an indefinite number of entries, normally it will allowed to the business people in connection with Ministry of Defence.

Employment Visa [Article 17 & 18]
Visa issued for work in the government or public institutions in accordance with article 17 where a request form the party that offered the foreigner a job or appointed him to a job.
Entry visa for work in the private sector issued in accordance with article 18 which necessitates a work permit processed in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour. More>>>>


Dependent Visas [article 22]
Entry visa for a family member of a bearer of a Kuwaiti residence permit who applies and processes the procedures in the immigration department. More >>>>

Domestic Visas [ article 20]
Entry visa issued to domestic helpers in accordance with article 20 from the General Directorate of Immigration upon the request of a Kuwaiti or a foreign resident provided the age of the domestic helper is between 20 and 50 years. More>>>>>

Self Sponsorship [Article 24]
Expatriates who have spent several years in Kuwait can sponsor themselves under article 24 of regulations and obtain a residence for two to five years, provided, they can support themselves financially and can produce good conduct certificate. Such a form can be renewed on expiry. Such foreigners can also sponsor their wives and children and can run their own business.



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