Procedure for attestation of Certificates
For obtaining a job in ministry, banks or other reputed institutions or any government procedure employees must present the attested degree certificates. First you must attest the certificates from the home country (if it is not attested)

What are the procedures to be done for attestation of Certificates from India?
First attest Certificates from the State Norka Centre/Ministry of External Affairs in India. After Norka attestation you can give to the Norka cell for attesting certificate in Kuwait Embassy in India or if you want it in urgent, any reputed travel agency with branches in Bombay or Delhi will make it faster for you. For attestation Kuwait Embassy in India must affix stamp of KD. 5/- .


Procedures to be done in Kuwait after attest from India 

After attested Certificate from home country, take the translation of the attested certificates from an authorised translation centre and get stamp and sign from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Shuwaikh or in Liberation Tower, KD 5/- stamp must be affixed in the backside of the Original Certificate.

After Ministry of Foreign Affairs work visit Ministry of Justice in Kuwait (Al Soor Street) for attestation Arabic translated Certificate, required KD 4/- stamp to be paste in the translated certificate.

For attestation purpose you must go through three counters for signatures and stamp. First go to the counter No.17 Ground floor of Ministry of Justice office and take token  (Token time is 7.30 to 8.30) after that they will guide you to the third floor for attestation.

Note: - Please note that after attest from India no need to attest in Indian Embassy in Kuwait.

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